The Magento Contact Form Extension: Even A Novice Can Use It

Why do you need a contact form when you can simply put your business email address on your website? The most important reason is security. Once you place your email address on your website, it will be farmed by robots and hand it over to spammers. The next reason is reachability. You want your customers and potential clients to be able to contact you as conveniently as possible. Contact forms give people a safe and easy way to send your business a message directly from your website. Luckily, with a magento contact form extension, you can create a functional contact form even if you are just a novice.

What Is A Magento Contact Form Extension?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that online store owners use to create their virtual stores. It provides a shopping cart, tools for catalog management, and marketing options. What it doesn’t provide though is an easily modifiable magento contact form extension. If you want to have a personalized contact form for your website, you will need to download a form builder extension. This extension will allow you to create as many contact forms as your site needs without coding.

Steps In Using A Form Builder Extension

Since most store owners lack technical skills to code, it is notable that extensions use a drag & drop builder. Some offer a selection of form fields and themes so you can make the contact form’ look fit your existing website.  You can put in various types of forms, such as:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Price quotation form
  • Sales inquiry form

All you need is a concept of what forms your website requires plus an idea of how it should look like. Once you have that, you can search for a form builder extension that creates the type of form you have in mind. Once there, download the extension and sign up for an account, if needed. Follow the prompts on how you can make the forms you need. Once you’re done, you will also be instructed on how to transfer the form onto your website.

Pros And Cons Of The Bodyboss Fitness Program

Acquiring a physically fit body is not that easy if you have to lose a lot of unwanted fats. Losing weight is not just about getting rid of the fats but transforming these fats into muscles. It is also advisable that you spend time going to the gym or do your exercises at home. Well, you cannot say that you always have the time to go to the gym because of your busy schedule at work, yet a couple of minutes of doing some stretching can be helpful.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Fitness Program

If you want to lose weight successfully, then you can take advantage of different fitness programs that are widely available in the market. However, it is best that compare the features of different programs to know which one will suit your situation. This is when you can think of the Bodyboss fitness program.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should the program.

  • This is an easy to follow program suitable to those who have not yet tried following a fitness program before.
  • People who have tried the program said that they love its flexibility. They only need to find a perfect time where they can do the workout or even shift it when necessary.
  • Every level of the program is well-explained for everyone to understand and follow.
  • You can modify the program according to your own preference if you want it to be more challenging.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks about the program such as the following.

  • You can’t find information if the program was clinically tested thus causing you to have some doubts whether to try it or not.
  • They find it an expensive fitness program that not everyone can afford.

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