The bench vises are among the most important equipment required in a number of mechanical works. This usually features two parallel jaws, where a work is kept in between and a lever is used to bring the jaws together. This helps in holding the work firmly in place. Be it woodworking, metalworking, or electronics, they are used to keep your hands at a safe distance from the work piece. These equipment are to be selected properly for effective operation.

Metalworking Needs a Special Bench Vise

But when it comes to metalworking, there is a type of bench vise to use. There are thing to consider before getting one for your job. This article therefore, will guide you through the selection process of buying the right type of metalworking vise for your projects.

Things to Consider for Buying the Right Bench Vise

First, the throat depth of the vise. Before buying a vise, you should check its throat depth from the top side of its jaws to the top side of the slide below the jaws. If the throat depth is large enough, it will allow you to hold larger work pieces. Second, the size of the objects used with the vise. You have to have an understanding about the size of the object that is to be used with the vise you wish to buy. As the size of the object to be held in the vise goes on increasing, so does the jaw width.

Third, the weight of the vise. You should also check whether your workbench is capable of bearing the weight of a heavier vise. Lastly, the use of the vise. How are you going to use the vise? You need to make sure whether the vise is capable to work according to what you do.