Scrolling through phones everyday watching funny and interesting videos is the new lifestyle of the people in this generation. The alternative to traveling is visiting the place for your eyes only. A lot of video advertisements are now online. You can almost see everything without the need of visiting, which makes it cheaper and priceless. But who is behind all of the videos online? They are called the vloggers or video bloggers. They love seeing themselves on something or to someone they would like to introduce to the audience.

A Kind of Good Addiction

There are a lot of goals and interests happening in people’s minds. Hashtag travel goals, hashtag relationship goals, hashtag coffee is love, and a lot more. But for the Vietnamese beauty vlogger, she would say, hashtag vlogging is life. If you love eating, drinking coffee, watching a movie, then you should also see Make-up tutorial is fun. Kim Dao vlog features herself mostly doing some make-ups, traveling and shopping in Japan. Her videos are popular and that made her a YouTube star. She already has more than ten thousands of followers in her social media accounts and visitors on her self-titled website. You can’t stop her from making other videos because it is her own kind of addiction.

Learn from Kim Dao’s Vlogs

Videos online contain different topics and interests, but if you love to learn about fashion and beauty tips, follow her in this accounts, KimDao vlog YouTube, KimDao Youtube and KimDao Website. A lot of beauty tips and inspiring fashion sense is her main topic. So can also get in touch with her through messaging, she is open to her fans and is willing to help. Her videos inspired a lot of women to enhance their beauty and develop the confidence to fight the insecurities of the world.